Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miss Mommy

it's official: lauryn sawyer is now in her mommy's class at unicorn. she really likes it and as it is turning out (so far), she's not too bad to have around after all. i was actually quite surprised today at the level of maturity she displayed with responsibility. she actually took her paintbrush to clean it in the washroom after crafts ... and came back!!! with a clean brush!!! this was quite shocking to the mother-teacher. she's also very good at helping me boss people around - lol. today when one of the kids needed to go to the bathroom for a nappy change, i asked her (since she'd already proven herself responsible enough) to take him to miss dj (our assistant) who was already changing another fella in the bathroom. she even helped this little guy to get his bag and was just about to walk him through the door when miss dj came back. but i know she would've done it perfectly because as soon as miss dj walked in she said "miss dj, soandso needs to be changed," i would like to point out that this child is the same age as her. (purely for show offy-ness, as in wow what a smart kid you have cian. you must be such a fantastic mom!) not to say the other kid doesn't have a fantastic mom or anything... but miss wong did say that lauryn was the 'town crier' in the class. whatever was happening, lauryn could be counted on for an up to the minute report (apparently.)

this really feels like the right decision. and let me tell you why:

1. she's with me (HUGE)
2. she's with me again on wed and thursday.
2. (the real #2) she's doing more hands on stuff
3. i don't have to haul out to sandy port on tues and fridays so i have 2 non-rushy-rushy mornings (that's a technical term).
4. we don't have to 'find' $1300 every 3 months. lisa has kindly given us a very generous discount.
5. she's still so young. 3 days of good play are better than 5 days of schooly stuff.

good reasons, no? don't agree? tough.

if you can't stick by your beliefs, what do you have? and i really really believe that young kids should be playing!!! she has all the time in the world to learn letters and numbers. i mean really, what exactly does she need to be "reading" (emphasis on the air quotes) right now? ' the pre-schooler's guide to being a pain in the butt'? 'how to be adorable all the time' ? 'sharing: the fundamentals' ? really don't think so! the idea the kids can learn to read is so preposterous!!

anyway, next week is a holiday and boy am i heppay!! oh yeah baby. i may not be sleeping in, but i won't be rushing out that's for sure.

okay, i'm rambling... blah blah blah. the sludge-in-my-brain-cogs feeling is getting stronger by the keystroke. i have GOT to get to sleep. immediately. if not before.

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