Saturday, June 20, 2009

Red. The new Blue.

i finally admitted to myself yesterday that blue is no longer my favorite color. (egad!) what was even harder was allowing myself to realize that i have a thing for the color Red. RED. red? red!


the insanity of this may not be apparent to you and i understand why this seems like trivial pursuit but you don't understand. you don't understand. all my life i have wanted absolutely nothing to do with the color red. nothing. i didn't own red things. wear red things. sit beside red things. red was always obnoxious and overbearing. it wants everyone to notice it and it doesn't care whether you like it or not, just Notice it.

blue was such a good color to like. so calm and nature-ish. understated elegance; it comes in many many many shades and plays well with others. from sophisticated navy to all encompassing sky blue, it is a color that cannot be unloved: blue.

and quite literally the opposite is garish Red. big and bold Red. red that calls so many unpleasant things to mind like blood and ... okay just blood. which, is actually a good thing when you can't see it - when it's where it's supposed to be inside our bodies. but when we see the redness of it, things are usually not going well. usually. anyway, i digress.

red yells. red goes overboard and can't stop herself. she goes where she is uninvited. and then becomes the very life of the party.

she celebrates. she laughs too loud. red smells good. red even feels good! it's hearts and lollipops, lipstick marks and blushing,.. cherries! good things, yummy things. there is a lot that is Fabulousness about red. best of all:

red is unapologetic for red.

perhaps this is what draws me in. i took a chance on a red planner; risked being bold. and it paid off. red worked for me. so i got another one. and red demanded more.

one cannot be a casual friends with red.

and so, in the Spirit of Red, I am unabashedley embracing that which is entirely New and Unknown to me. i continue to move boldly (most of the time; sometimes i act more pink than red.)

here's to throwing my head back and laughing out Very loudly and bursting into the new with faith, hope and Red!