Saturday, June 23, 2007

shameless plug (II)

like the overstressed, overtired mom who forgets to take her pill, i have started yet another blog. (sad, sad, sad)

but there were things i wanted to talk about that didn't fit either of the forums of my first two. so, welcome into the family the newest blog Live! From the Fan.

if you are sensitive (yeah right), watch out - i actually spell out the words i've been abbreviating here. (WTF etc.) just to give fair warning is all.

see you around!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marker my words

so, the most recent in the long string of dramas and events that make up my mothering journey (good lord, is it really like that? drama to drama? not really no but it sounds SO much more interesting when i say it like that, doesn't it?) ... where was i? oh yes the mothering journey. well, the most recent event was quite - how shall i say? - traumatizing. yes, traumatizing - that's good. the thing wasn't good but the term is quite appropriate.

so what's this major drama? pull up your chair and sit awhile partners. it's storytellin' time.

my darling daughter was at a our second home (everybody knows whose house i'm talking about) and while i was taking a little 'nap' she got into some trouble. got into? no she made some trouble. she had been graffiti-ing on the two newly bought, newly painted chests of drawers with chalk (thank god!) and she got caught by dear Janet. she was told in no uncertain terms NOT to do that - DON'T WRITE ON THE DRAWERS! - because it was naughty and then the chalk was cleaned off the drawers. that was that. she was left to her own - well behaved - devices...

well, somehow - maybe through black magic or something - she found a RED MARKER.


no really, stop.

i said RED MARKER.

oh i know you know what happened next. but you have NO idea how much it happened. it happened all over the front of the tall one - i mean every drawer face - and a little 'footnote' in the form of a huge pointy roundish something with a little friend beside it on the front of one drawer on the small chest of drawers.

all this was completely unbeknownst to me even after i woke up and took 20 minutes to gather my children, NOTICE and remark on the red marker on her clothes, and leave. it wasn't till later that dearest deborah called to talk to me about it that i even had the foggiest clue of what had happened.

(all that space is shocked, stony, angry silence)

i was really pissed. so i waited till the next morning to speak to lauryn about it.

WTF, Lauryn?

she said she wanted to make it beautiful. but why did you do it after your were told not to?
because it was too much fun to stop.

do you see the psychological warfare i'm up against here people? these are comparable to WMD's!

of course i get it that she's only almost four. but she still needed her to know that it was completelty unacceptable. so she got a good stern talking to from us, a long time out from playing at deborah's (three days), and from watching anything at all on TV and she had to try to clean it off the drawers and she had to apologize to deborah (and rick?) and we all loved her anyway.

does this mean she'll never use a marker on an inappropriate surface ever again for the rest of her whole life?

what do you think?