Saturday, March 31, 2007


i hardly EVER watch this show. but since heros has been on holiday, i caught one episode supernanny the other week. and it was the one episode where she did a crap job. she made this poor woman wean her baby because it was "an unhealthy relationship". boy you know that put a bee in my bonnet! i wanted to get up and write ABC that very second. but i was too tired. (LOL)

she said the woman was doing wrong because she was still wearing her 14 month old baby and nursing her to boot. now, i will say she was doing pure nonsense with the older kid. letting him back talk like nobody's business at 12 years old. jo did good with that one. but someone (me?) needs to inform miss frost about the fact that human milk is for human babies. we are not now and will never be baby cows (which is who cow's milk was intended for.) the WHO, LLL, UNICEF and anybody with sense about human feeding will tell you to nurse up to two years and beyond. hell, even the politically crippled AAP says up to one year and beyond.

come on people.

come on.

[maybe i should still write that letter after all.]

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

what the hell do i know?

less than six months away from my big 30th birthday, i ask the question: how come life still feels so much like trial and error? will i ever be able to make good, sound decisions? is there ever a time when one has 20/20 foresight?

i am at odds with living in the moment and planning for the future. can one even do that? small, slow sigh

i just told nathan that i can't wait to be forty. translation: i look forward to the day when i'll feel like i actually know something about what i'm doing.

to buy a house or not to buy a house?
where should our kids go to school?
should i start my own school?
when we will ever be in any sort of financial homeostatis?
how can i share in a practical way that doesn't feel like too much for me?

[more sighing]

the list goes on and on. the answer?




that's a tough one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a cut below

well... this has to be quick. i had semi-emergency sugery on the ninth of march. been on my side and tummy since. not much sitting. even less walking. had a pilonidal cyst that turned into an abcess and it grew to the size of a golf ball. all this happened right by my tailbone (that's the nice way of saying "me arse") and so it had to be surgically removed. hurt more before than after, believe me.

best bit is my insurance had lapsed. and the bill was $4000 +. nice.

anyway, gotta go. gotta get OFF my butt! and on to my side. getting lots of reading done.

be back soon!

Monday, March 05, 2007

what's in a name?

quite a while ago, when lauryn was still a little baby, we had some friends come over for a visit and one these friends called me a housewife.

now for some women, that doesn't make a hill of beans of difference to them. so what if she called me a housewife?

well, it stung. and i said that i prefer the term "stay at home mom". to which she replied (somethign like) "whatever. i really don't care what you call yourself." ouch!

so what is my problem with this antiquated, patriarchal term exactly? why should that bother me? in my opinion, housewives are involuntary. that's just the way life was. you were a wife: you were confined to the house. period. end of story. for me, being a stay at home mom, is kind of declaration that i am choosing to be an intentional parent. it's recongising that i have the choice and though it would not occur to me to do anything else, the decision to stay home from 'gainful employment' and raise our children is, indeed, mine to make.

maybe someday i'll get to the point where that particular comment will amount to nothing more than hot air long gone. and i can say "whatever" back to that. (i look forward to that). and right now, i know that this person really hasn't a clue about who i am and dare i say not much interest in anyone other than #1. i mean, she thought i was trying to impress her with my child's cloth diapers. [scoff!]


Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's a date!

so guess what? my hubby and i are going on a date tonight!! we did go to a wedding last week, which was lovely but it wasn't really a date. if church is in the mix (baptist church at that), you know that can't be qualified as a date!

kids are getting dropped at deborah's to be looked after by blessed Janet. (she really is blessed. by the way that's bless-ed, not blest) and we going to Indigo's to watch Mizpah and her band perform. Mizpah is a wicked good singer and i've seen her sing at NPCC but never seen her doing a proper 'gig' as it were. i'm really looking forward to it.

in other news, ryan's language skills are starting to bud. he absolutely adores Polar Bear, Polar Bear by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. He brings it to me and opens the book and points at all the animals. AHHNI! AHNI! AHNI! (as in annie) he says when he points to the elephant (every single time!), the snake is NAA(K: barely audible K at the end), the bear is BEH. But his favorite is the elephant. Oh, and the Lion : RAAA!! LOL!

I have to say I'm surprised he loves books as much as lauryn did considering how different they are from each other personality wise.

Last thing Houston, we finally have TOOTH!!. His bottom left (his left) canine has erupted! only seven more to go!!!

I'm off.