Wednesday, October 04, 2006

chopt lox

so after what seems very much like an eternity, I finally got a GREAT haircut!!! See how happy i look about it? all i can say is the cut cost me a thirty dollars and i felt like tipping dear sheena a whole other thirty when she was done. my hair is not the easiest to work with and i a have been a lost, lonely bushy haired soul since justina jetted to the UK over a year ago. honestly, i think the last time i got a proper *style* was about two years ago. i was just preggers with ryan (not even showing yet) so that had to be like what? maybe february of 05? that wasn't two years ago? woah. okay.

to be honest, the cut is a quite a bit shorter than i had intended but i trusted her and the ends were really in bad shape so i told her to run with the scissors and she did and i am one happy camper! i'm sooo heppay! [bad english accent ah la robin hood, men in tights].

well, aside from regular life, this is the highlight of my existence today. i have gobs to talk about but it's late and i must clean my temple (not the house, the body) and get to bed because i have been up since 4:30 this morning. i didn't physically get up till ryan woke up talking at 5:30, but was awake since then nonetheless. *yawn*

good night!

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