Tuesday, October 31, 2006

all those taking a stand.. please remain seated

good grief. good bloody grief!!!!

how come i (feel like i) have to defend my decision not to celebrate halloween? this seems a bit ridiculous to me. i am not asking anyone to defend what their reasons are for participating. nooooo. how come i am the bad guy for not wanting to encourage my children to celebrate this dark festival, this day of the dead? this is pretty unbelievable. why don't the women who deliberately choose NOT to breast-feed their babies get this much flack? because no one wants to make them feel guilty. well guess what?

if you want to have a say in your life, you have to take responsibility for it.

period. end of story. i am taking responsibility for my children. i am being an intentional parent. i have to make what seems like a zillion decisions every day about how i am going to mother my children. it's exhausting enough - what with the sleep deprivation thrown in too - just doing that, let alone having to turn around and defend and explain it these decisions. WTF???? (which, by the way does not stand for 'wednesday thursday friday', just so you know.) :)

no, i'm not teaching her (them) about halloween. no i'm not teaching her that santa is the almighty present (as in gifts) sugar daddy. no i am not teaching her that easter is about a bunny and or eggs and baskets. no. no. no. and i am not sorry. christmas has become such a bogus holiday it almost makes me sick. Jesus has gotten kicked out of the Wal-Mart sponsored manger and replaced with a big fat cash cow. even the wise men are bring designer gifts. fohgidaboudit! how can i teach them to love their brothers and sisters by getting as much as they possibly can for themselves? i will teach them about saint nicholas who took gifts for those in need. i will teach them that he is known affectionately as santa claus. i might even say that he was given a special magical way of helping out with his reindeer and sleigh and all that. i might. but i will never allow them to believe that christmastime is about getting gifts and forgetting about those in need. absolutely not!

as for easter - well, let me not start on that tonight. i am completely exhausted and i need something hot to drink, a nice quiet shower and my bed.

besides ryan will be up tonight if he's still feeling as sick as he was last night. he is wheezing and coughing so much, poor thing. and he can barely breathe through his nose. :(

i will not sit down for my stand. and i can not, will not apologise for my beliefs. i certainly don't expect that of anyone else.

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