Tuesday, October 24, 2006

do not leave children unattended, they may misbehave or destroy things

you know how your friends like to forward you these really funny pictures of kids doing really awful things? and it is so funny because it's someone else's kid. (if you're a mom, however, a small part of you feels sorry for the mother of the child who has just painted his entire room with house paint.) so, yesterday - i became one of those moms. not the one who feels sorry for the other mom but the one who needs the pity. (and, yes, a good laugh too)

let me set the scene: lauryn and ryan are sitting nicely and watching laurie berkner sing about all kinds of fun things. i pop out the kitchen door to tell nathan something and we end up in an interesting conversation. as we are speaking the ears in the back of my head whisper to me every so often: it's too quiet in there. 'but ryan isn't crying,' i answer back. so i go on chatting with my dear husband. about life and business - big stuff. and the voice again "it's really too quiet you should check on them" and foolishly i say again 'but ryan isn't crying so it can't be too bad.' well well well... little did i know about how WRONG i was. this is what i walked in to discover:

so i turned on my heels and did what every good mother would do in a situation like that. i called their dad. prepare yourself for the worst, i said to him. and we walked in together with our jaws hanging open in disbelief. you CANNOT be serious! and they couldn't and nor could we so against our better judgement we started laughing. i mean, what else could i do when faced with this:

you see my dilemma? if you want to see all the photos of the crime scene let me know, i'll gladly share my kodakgallery album with you.

as my MIL would say: oh, life!

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Thalia in Jamaica said...

Ahh yes, the joys of motherhood. I had a similar moment when my son displayed that at 1+ he knew where the newly purchased large tin of formula was kept and how to open it. sigh...

Milkshaken said...

Those pesky toddlers are always faster, smarter, quicker and more skilled at opening things than we ever imagine. Until it's too late! :) LOL