Saturday, September 16, 2006

Popping my Blog Cherry

Okay, it's my first ever weblog. (insert streamers and confetti here). I am a mother of two. My first is Lauryn. She's turning three on Monday (9/18) and my second is Ryan (hence the blog name) and he's turning one on Friday (next week - 9/22). I've been very happily married to my best friend, Nathan, for eight years and we live in the Bahamas. That's where he is from. I, on the other hand, am from Jamaica.

But I perhaps I digress... If you're reading this, you're probably friends or family to whom I know I will send a link immediately after posting this. If you aren't one of those two - cool! I've been a SAHM since Lauryn arrived but have just returned to work part time facilitating a 3-day a week play group for 2.5yr (+) year olds. This was my first week and it was not too bad. But I don't have Lauryn with me, she's going to a Montessori group half days. And Ryan is being cared for by my one of my bestest friends Home-Helper. (I will belabour my feelings on that in another blog).

Well, I do want to talk about life with a pre-schooler in the classic independent vs. depedent stage but I will have to save that for another date. It's 9:55 and I must be getting to bed. (This process will take me an hour considering I have the kitchen to clear up, the lunches to pack and my body to clean. *sigh* it really never ends...)

wishing you silence, clarity and love

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