Thursday, September 21, 2006

i'm sorry, what?

what was i saying?

so it's been a long longgggggg day and after mothering, teaching, mothering, shopping, baking etc, i finally had a moment to sit here and type.

i was just deciding on the title of my holier-than-thou rant about the way we are parenting these days and i heard it. the crack of a cry in the not so distance. baby ryan needed me. and so, i answered. milk in tow.

so of course, what happens to a tired person (adult, i mean) who lies down in a dark room in silence? right you are. i was off to la la land. i soon resurfaced here in anti-la la land to discover my son still 'drinking' but not so much drinking as playing with the straw. so i waited and plotted and made my escape.

i still have the strong soap box feelings about my *original* topic but alas, time has passed (and quite a bit of it) and i must clean this body and put it directly in the bed in the dark in the silence. tomorrow is, after all, my son's 1st birthday. (parallel universe me is rejoicing as i type, but this me is way too tired for but a little tiny 'yaaay').

so, my husband is walking around brushing his teeth now and it's my cue to exit stage right. well, techinically left. unless my back is turned....

silence | clarity | peace

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