Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i still cannot believe how tired i am

i didn't even go to work today and i totally CRASHED when i lay with lauryn for her to go to sleep again tonight!! good grief. i want to think there's something physically wrong with me but i just had a complete physical two weeks ago and got an A minus. so i really am just that sleep deprived. hey, three years of waking up what? about 4 times a night? no, not waking up; being WOKEN up several times a night. if it were any other situation, that would legally be deemed torture, right? man do i miss my stay-shut eye.

a word to all those wanna be parents - MOTHERS - out there: sleep. sleep now!! sleep like ridiculous amounts and times of the day. have a nap immediately after you wake up. seriously. SLEEP!!!!!!!!! i'm not kidding. time's a-wasting. stop reading this and sleep.

that's some good advice. zzzzzzzz

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