Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lactivist Alert

right. i guess i'm on a roll tonight.

still, i really HAD to share this with you. as you can imagine i am an advocate and supporter of human milk for human babies and the way to get this milk is the place where is made, stored, kept at optimum temperature, sanitary, and always ready to serve - from a mother's breasts (aka breastfeeding). (oh no! she said the "B" word!! shock!!! dismay!! ... whatever.)

so you can imagine my blood boiling confusion when i read this story about a mom - Leigh Bellini - who was being asked, no threatened, to leave the mall for nursing her baby or else. can you freaking believe this? (yes, i'm passionate and pissed. it's my blog and i'll cuss if i want to, cuss if i want to. you would cuss too if it happened to you!)

so keep abreast of the goings ons. this shit cannot go on.

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