Monday, February 26, 2007

in sickness and in health

Lauryn is sick again. this morning at school, when we were on our way in from the playground, i noticed some grayish snot coming out of her nose (well, in all honesty it was actually already out and making a break for her top lip (EWWWW!!!)) and i thought "oh no. not again." and then not long after snack she had a mini pee accident (leakage, really) and i was changing her and she felt a bit warm to the touch and though i had tried to imagine every other reason why she would have watery eyes during snack time, i still didn't admit to myself that my little lauryn could be getting sick.

it wasn't until around 11:45 when she got up from 2nd snack and went to curl up in the kid sized couch that i finally took my one way trip back from de nile and said that she must be getting sick. :( poor dear. so she's been running the fever all day but thank god her spirit isn't suffering. she was outside blowing bubbles and everything.

funny story: yesterday we were at a birthday party for her two cousins (siblings) and she was in the bouncy castle having a grand time. so ryan went in to join the fun and to try and encourage him to jump, i started bouncing up and down on the outside to show him what to do. Lauryn then asked why i was jumping. i told her and she advised me that "you shouldn't jump mommy, b'cause you'll break your nummies." now, i had the sense to know that something interesting was coming and i did imagine that it might have to do with my 'nummies' - but the warning that i might break them had not at all occured to me.

[shaking my head]

this girl is too much. she really is my favorite girl ever!

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