Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the fool proof formula for parenting

we have no guarantees.

you can feed your children perfect, balanced foods ensuring them optimum nutrition.
you can send your child to the Best Schools anywhere.
you can raise a Gifted child.
you teach your child perfect social skills and manners.
you can teach your child discipline and self control.
you can expose your children to the world through travel and culture.

you can do all these things and more to give your children the best possible start or opportunities. you really can.

BUT. (ahhh, the but. you saw it coming, don't act all surprised and stuff.)

if You are not happy, if your (child's) family is not happy and if your Child is not happy, none of it - not one iota of what you do- amounts to anything.

i don't mean spoiled, given every thing all the time no matter what. that's not happiness, that's gratification.

i mean Happy-ness. loving life, excited to be here now (generally speaking, of course as we have all been the painfully embarrassed parent of a screaming child -in public).

watch your child. observe this person and evaluate her behaviors and words. is she happy, angry, sad? providing a loving environment that is rich with joy, laughter and love of life - this will undergird any of your other efforts to grow a healthy happy human. it's really the cornerstone for any truly alive person.

as i have said before on this blog (which is a totally teefed quote just like the rest of them): happy people make happy families, make happy communities, make happy countries, make a happy world.

check the mirror. check your life. are you happy?

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