Saturday, January 05, 2008

hi, i'm mary and these are my baby jesuses

i have to preface my story by saying that i believe that jesus was some special kinda guy. to say the least. i really think his whole message was "look, this (pointing at himself) is YOU! no, really." that is to say, we are all jesus. we all have that potential. so in that light, i have taken to calling my children - my son in particular - baby jesus.

the reason i do that is because he is actually very difficult to not kill sometimes. i've called him a great many names, but i think that calling him 'baby jesus' will really help me to preserve his well being.

i mean... you know those times when your two year old son .. (hmm? what's that? you don't have a two year old son? my bad. (god it must be nice to have your sanity though, isn't it)).. ehem, as i was saying: you know thos times when MY two year old son grabs every single soliatary thing he can reach (including bottles, remotes, dish brushes, KNIVES, that kinda thing) and runs off and then throws it down on the floor? or when he pulls his sister's hair and grabs the toys she's TRYING to play with just to aggravate her (oh yes, he's calcuating). or when he just says mommy about 367,295,235 times a minute. OR the times when he knocks you - i mean ME - squarely in the eye with his knee or head? well, it's times like those - especially two or three of those random incidents in a row or all together at the same time - that just, well, let's say cause me to have "unhappy" thoughts about my son.

however since the very inspired idea, i have found that i can look below the evilness and see that there really is a pure love underneath it all. i'm sorry, did i say "evilness"? ha ha. silly me, i mean to say "very developmentally appropriate toddler behavior". slip of the fingers there.

though, i'm not sure how helpful it is when i call him 'crazy jesus' under my breath...



Anonymous said...

thanks for your insight. I will try this with my 17 year-old daughter whom, I think, is demon posessed. This might work better (for me at least) than the exorcism I was thinking of scheduling

L-J said...

Milk & Cookies I know the feeling! Sometimes when you think that the child was sent to test ur last nerve!!! - u get the hug around the neck @ 5 a.m. or the tender kiss before he goes to bed. That's true UNCONDITIONAL love, the love that still lives on after a slap & in the tear filled eyes during a mom's mad tirade. The truer question is - How do we raise such perfect beings when we ourselves are imperfect? The reality - Jesus, Jah, Allah, ...all live in him/her and they are an outward reflection of what it means to be as close to innocence as is humanly possible. Keep on Keeping On Sister!