Monday, January 15, 2007

it's been year...

i cannot believe that i haven't posted since 2006. and i cannot believe that we are three weeks into january 2007 ALREADY! i hate to go into the regular old 'time is really flying' bit, but man, time is really flying! ...aaand cut.

everyone is sick. ryan has the snots and lauryn has a cough and i'm really fighting like hell to stave off this sore throat that's mounting it's best attack on me even as i type. *sigh* i let them both stay home today and knocked off work early to come relieve nathan of the childcare duties because his boss is real whip cracker! (on the off chance that your brain, like mine, is easily distracted by shiny or interesting things that lure you off the tracks of your train of thought - no, there was no pun intended with the whole 'cracker' thing. i simply meant a person who cracks the whip; therefore a whipcracker. okay back to the tracks) so he couldn't watch them for long and i had to hurry home. i couldn't take them to janet @ deborah's because will is sick and three sick kids is enough to drive anyone to drink. and we couldn't have that.

looking at buying a condo. although it looks doubtful (i wanted to say dubious but i think that would imply dodginess and that's not what i mean so i went with doubtful) because the guy says he think there are only one or two units left to reserve. shit. it's a good deal. for here, anyway. pre-con starts at 249 (K) for 2/2 with laminate wood floors (although i thought it was either/or but the email said laminate wood floors), granite countertops in kitchen and bath, walk-in closet in master, brushed nickel fixtures, what else? oh, oversized tub in master suite (hmmm? nice, right?) 9' ceilings - which are not super great, i guess average - okay i just read the advert: recessed lighting, solid wood cabinet doors in kitchen and bath... you get the picture. and only $5K down. crap. well, what is to be... i'll keep you posted on that. and also talk more about the whole decision making process later.

been thinking about my 30th and i don't know if we'll be able to pull of the jamaica party. but i'm thinking of doing an exuma trip as an alternative. the exuma cays are my second favorite place next to JA. the water down there is stunning at it's worst. breath-taking is a huge understatement. i honestly cannot describe it to you. so, we'll see how that unfolds too.

okay, i have to shower. last piece of news, i got my fourth period since december 2002 on saturday. yes, i said fourth (4th). ain't life pretty when you're knocked up and/or breastfeeding. the second was december 2004 then i got preggers with you know who and the third was october 2006 and now the fourth january 2007. i've made an appointment with the ever wonderful dr. lyons to put in a mirena (IUD) because i have basically surrendered and thrown in the white towel on the birth control drama. honestly. i really can't stand the idea of artificial hormones being pumped into my body by some foreign object living in my womb, but it's still much more pleasant than bloody condoms (blech!!! i HATE those things) and easier than remember to swallow a pill every single day for the rest of my life. (well, till the pause anyway). well that's a whole other blog entry too. could probably be a blog unto itself...

sniff sniff. is it possible to OD on vitamin C?

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