Saturday, August 17, 2013

Get. Out.

With the moon in full swing (my lunar phase, that is) I met the day with grim resolution.  Ugh.

You know those days, right?  The "Ugh. Mumble. Coffee." days?  Only I had a side of "Just shut up, already." served up hot and fresh!

I did my best to ignore my children peacefully and kindly.  And they insisted on talking and arguing and being loud and childish much too close to my Ignore Bubble, so they kept popping it.  By mid-morning, I was the Grumpy Old Troll personified.  And not that nice loser "troll" from Dora, either.   I'm talking full on Lord of the Rings Cave Troll.

Enter- Afternoon Plans!  An Outing!  With friends!  To the Library!

People, I am here to tell you that when the walls are pressing and the sounds of good old siblings being siblings sting you - GTFO! - Get. Out.  Get out!  Leave, vamoose, shoe!  Go on!  Get out of your house.  Out is magic.  Well, fun out is.

There was, as it turns out, some mild appetizer pre-fun at the library.  We became members and checked out books!

Then it was on to the salad fun.  Hanging and playing with our friends at their house.  Fun!

But what's this?  Plans to ride our bikes to the park?!  And meet MORE new friends?  Why, this is beginning to sound Very Promising.

I saw my sweet girl's confidence-o-meter slowly and steadily climb as she wobbled, then rode on her new GIANT bicycle.  I saw my son's face become positively radiant with joy as he pedaled alongside us.  I saw us three having this wonderful new experience of cycling together, thanks to our new neighbourhood with its not-so-new park.

Then it was the main course, baby.  FUN FUN FUN, wiz a littel bit of creme fun and a hint of exciting drizzled over top, served on a bed of discovery.

Thanks to our new acquaintances, my kids found and held tiny snakes and worms.  They also saw and observed the catching of a TARANTULA!!!!  That's right.  A big hairy spi-ider!  The big, bursting excitement on my baby boy's face!   From well over a hundred yards away, his joy exploded across the field "MOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!  WE FOUND A TARANTULAAAAA!!!"

He marched over with his band of new friends, triumphantly, gleefully, proudly escorting the spider and carrying a tiny "Blind Snake".

This after an epic water gun battle in which every last one of them got soaked to the bone.

There they all were, dripping wet and dirty - the Unflappable, Intrepid Explorers of The Park, beaming with all they had discovered under a rock on the far side of the field.

I know what you're saying as you read this - "Get. Out!"

We did!


sabrina montagnoli said...

I am not very good at surviving whole days at home with my wee man for lots of different reasons. Sounds like it turned into a rather fanatabulous day! Tarantula coolness! My wee man loves the creepy crawlies and I try to hide my own trepidation...snails are a bit eew :) We also love our local library! Such a great service to have and I think families over here don't take advantage of them as much as they should!

Milkshaken said...

Home alone all day with (small children) can sometimes be a bit of a - shall we say "challenge".

Libraries are so awesome! Ours is a bit 3rd world, but it's not terrible and it's there and I am happy it is.

I also had to keep to keep a stiff whole face whenever my sweet girlie would catch lizards. I've come a LONNGG way since then (I held one!). A wonderful gift from my girl :)

Back to libraries, I am a little scared they are becoming less relevant, what with kindles and such. What do you think?

Thalia in Jamaica said...

Oh gosh, yes! And at 13 and 9, I am becoming quite ogre-ish in my desire to get them to "Get. Out". See mama asking aunties and uncles if they want to take a mini-me with them to the supermarket, gas station, bank. Yikes! Now all I need is a remedy for the unending tiredness!!

Milkshaken said...

Apparently, Thalia, the tiredness truly is unending! I kept (keep) thinking 'after this stage, it'll pass'. HA! No.

But we love 'em, don't we? GRRRR. Yawwwwn. Smirk.