Thursday, January 01, 2009

Initial Reactions to The New Year

it's early yet for 2009, to be sure. and, of course, i realize this whole concept of a New Year is just a mental construct. a time marker. laundry day for time. it's the time when most humans give ourselves permission to start all over again. to try something new or to approach something in a different way.

in many ways, these are noble ideas. i am sure that there are even a few instances where resolutions equal revolutions. but for the most part, like anything else, the novelty soon wears off and we get sucked back into the 'drudgery' of a regular old year. regular old same old same old.

but not me.

sure i stayed up till after midnight (EST) and watched the fireworks across the harbour. and yes, i celebrated with friends and family on the eve. but for me, i feel this idea of a fresh start is always available to us. a person can celebrate new year's day ANY day of the year. we are free to decide that there is no time like the present.

right now is a new moment. and now. and now.

if i had a new year's resolution - and i don't - it would be to accept What Is. I am. You are. oo use a rather tired catch phrase: It is what it is. there is no changing the past, no matter how recent it is. you or i cannot even change something that happened 1 second ago. so let's agree to leave it be. as for what will happen next... you know. you may not know that you know, but you really do know. which leaves us smack dab in the middle of Now.

Now is your chance. Do the work you need to do. Or maybe you need to go on a journey.

i don't want to be all preachy. (it may be too late and if it is, i apologise.)

all i'm saying is. there is no such thing as new years, really. there isn't just one.

please give yourself permission to change your life anytime you feel like it. Now, for example.

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