Thursday, October 18, 2007

one of the classics

first of all, i get the feeling that this post is really just something for me to read in a month or two when i have nothing to do and i feel like reading my own writing.

however, if you are not me and you're reading this - that's pretty amazing! welcome.

i just had to share the latest and greatest story as moms often do. and this way i'm not stopping every living, breathing thing to 'share' my oh-so-special story. it's just here and readily available to anyone who wants to know.

okay, setting the scene: wednesday morning, the little schoolhouse, nassau

it was circle time and miss helen was introducing the new topic of the week: compassion. does anybody know what compassion is? she asked. in her words: lauryn's hand shot up immediately. she thinks to herself oh, maybe she really does know what compassion is.

yes, lauryn? what is compassion?

I KNOW! says lauryn with all the enthusiasm and confidence of a brilliant mad-scientist four year old.

it's when you're allergic to somebody. she proudly announces.

in the other room, principal/kindergarten teacher - miss kara - laughs out loud: now that's a classic!

and in the sawyer household: it IS.

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